What Is Hosted PBX?
The benefits of Hosted VoIP PBX depend on the size of your business and the number of phones you’ll need to use. When your business expands, you’ll need to grow with your current phone system, or invest in an IP PBX. Paying $30 a month per user is a great deal for 5, 10, even 20 users. Beyond that, setting up your own phone system may have steeper start-up costs, but will save you money long-term since you’ll only pay for the phone service.

The best Hosted VoIP providers put a lot of effort into simplifying your system so you can configure and reconfigure it yourself. Since their systems are user-friendly, for example, changing your auto attendant is stress-free. Adding a new department with a new department greeting is easy too. For most features you need to set up, little to no help is needed from tech support. Read More >>>

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Choosing a Hosted PBX Provider
VoIP technology has evolved and matured to the point where it delivers a higher level of service quality compared to conventional business phone systems. The continued advancements in VoIP have led to increased adoption of this technology among companies, especially SMBs. The interest in hosted VoIP grew due to the multitude of advantages it offers compared to traditional PBX systems, from drastic cost-reduction to enterprise-grade capabilities that were previously unattainable for small companies. If you have recognized VoIP as a technology that can create value for your business then the big challenge you are about to face is choosing between a myriad of options available in a crowded VoIP market. Here is a list of important considerations to make before selecting a hosted VoIP PBX provider to help you eliminate some of the confusion involved with selection process.

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